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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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system cannot handle its usual number perform riders. rush hour. phase 2 ends on july 3rd. >> metro gm plans to talk live to us this morning. we'll go one-on-one with the man in charge of all these changes ahead at 6:15. metro&t:ñ station back open after a stabbing. officers believe that attacker may be a whçqwoman. they say the victim is expected to recover. metro closed that station for (9pabout 45 minutes. it's now 4:30. right now firefighters are still trying to get a handle on
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ájjt out of control. burned 19 square miles is 40% contained. and many california neighborhoods are being forced to evacuate as fire threatens homes there. new numbers out of arizona proving that a heat wave has been deadly. four people have died. across the southwest and we do have bad news. heat is going to remain a problem through the middle of the week. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> is that right? >> i think it's right. official days are. >> he's aw@yqx plus for you, aa. did your homework last night. today is the day with the l
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the calendar year. tomorrow there will be three seconds less daylight than today. we don't lose it all at once at least. you need to know this about the weather today. the summer sizzle is here. low 90s everywhere today. better chance for cooling showers coming our way for tomorrow. flirting with 90 theebv]ñ next e days. i'm optimistic about the weekend. i'll tell you why inwjkfñ bit. dave, good morning. >> good morning, chuck. so far so good on area roads. not too bad travelwise. 66 westbound near 123 have overhead sign work. right lane breezing by. on opposite side of town obviously with the safetrack phase 2 orange and silver line trains as advertisedú÷9qú close between eastern market and benning road. back to you. it's 4:32. closing arguments are set to begin today in the trial of bal
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goodson. he's charged in the death of transport van in which gray suffered his fatal neck injury. goodson is the only officer out of six to be charged with murder. prosecutors say goodsonríi&y intentionally gave gray a rough ride. the defense says gray's death was an accident and not a homicide. happening today, the senate will vote on four gun control
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vigil. organizers estimated as many as 50,000 people attended. they created a ring of fire. ki shooting. 18 people are still in the hospital being treated for wounds from that anoq. fbi will release a partial transcript later today of omar mateen's phone calls to 91 during the'niwu shooting. authorities have previously said that during three 911 calls with a dispatcher, mateen pledged alea allegiance to isis. a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news that so or suicide note. republican presidential candidate donald truk(ík is suggesting profiling american muslims as a way to fight terrorism. the presumptive nominee made the comments on sundaymnuññ on cbs' "face the nation." he says other countries use it and it's not the worst thing to do
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profiling, but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads. we really have to look at profiling. >> no response yet from the democratic candidate hillary clinton but she has rejected trump's comments about muslims in the past. f race, religion, ethnicity ad national origin. islamophobic groups. that report will!hol be release 11:00 a.m. developing now, at least 14 people are dead after a taliban suicide bomber targeted their miniz'bsj in the afghan capital. eight others were wounded in today's attack. police are still trying to identify the nationalities of the victims. transporting security guards of a foreign company. a police official says the 14
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4:36 right now. we're working to see how three northeast d.c. the fire department sent us this video at fourth and franklin street before 7:00 p.m. you can see crews working to rescue people trapped inside that suv. three people went to the hospital with serious injuries. the two people hurt when part of a tree fell on the national mall are expected to be okay. they were walking near 9th and constitution avenue when the branch toppled on top of them. good samaritans rushed to help lifting the branch off of them until medics arrived. the driver says he heard the b of the way in tim. >> all of a sudden the tree is falling down. crush my car. >> part of 9th street by the sculpture garden and entrance to 395 were shutdown until
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branch and car could be cleared. an electric night of basketball as the nba season came to a close. king is crowned again able to take this one back home. >> final second. cleveland isff1ññ a city of chas once again. >> there you have it. game seven of the nba finals was on the warrior's turf in oakland but back in cleveland it was the town. there's lebron. this is?a%kñ cleveland's first championship since 1964. that's when the browns beat the then baltimore colts. that's how far we're going backd here, folks. lebron james and cavs also make history as the first team to ever come back with a 3-1 @b%m is the third championship
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his first in his home state. he was at cleveland. left. won a couple championships in then came back. fans were upset when he left. then he came back.>ñ finally forgave him and look what he does. >> congrats to them. golden state should have won. more sun and more heat. chuck is updating his what to wear forecast with how soon we'll hit 90 today and a big change in the next 48 hours. >> i heard you and everyone else did, too. maryland drivers have a new look on their license. the new security feature identity. thousands drive across it every day. the new safety concerns on the memorial bridge and action to
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it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna.
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it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. >> we have this developing story out of oakland following the nba after he fell from a second deck during a fight with another fan. thirbn happened after the game finished. the 20 year old is in the hospital right now. no word yet on what started this fight or if any charges will be filed in this "!%zaccident. i'm angie goff from the live desk. chuck? >> thanks. coming up on 4:41 on your monday morning. a pleasant start to the day. temperatures in most of the nearby neighborhoods are in the mid to upper 60s right now. not too bad at all. going out for your exercise, get it done as early as you
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code orange. poor air quality today. if you're respiratory sensitiveñ asthmatic, limit your outdoor activities. we'll be mid 80s by lunchtime and most areas will be in the 90s. shorts, t-shirts and sunblock are necessary to be outside today. afternoon high up near 92 degrees.g"bgy rain chances going up for dildine at wtop. >> we're watching and we're waiting to see what kind of íkeñ impact the metrorail surge 2 will have on traffic. know that orange and silver line trains are not going to be running at all between minnesota avenue and eastern market. there's not going to be any blue line service between arlington cemetery and rosslyn. no blue line service downtown at all. now, what kind of impact this will have on roads? right now we it tell you volume is still light on d.c. and interstate 295.
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>> thank you, dave. today you can get your hands on a redesigned driver's license in maryland. >> the state begins issuing its new licenses and i.d. cards today. this is what they look like. officials say the%i design bet protects marylanders against identity theft and fraud. it features ea unique bar code o verify the card was issued to the car holder. senator tim cane and mark warner will tour the memorial bridge. funding for the bridge according to the national park service will be forced to close to traffic by 2021 without $250 million for repairs. if the bridge closes, it will have a huge impact on transportation and cost local governments nearly $170,000 a day. the fight over gun control heads
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the four plans being considered and debate over action after the mass shooting in orlando. >> six people killed in a crash over the weekend. the new charges and the reason police say the driveray have g mon
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under fbi investigation. the republican alternative to that is another measure that would delay the sale by three days allowing the courts to review it. feinstein says that the administration argues that's not enough time. the other two measures they're mentally ill and how do you define them on putting them on list for background checks and expanding those to gun shows and internet sales. >> we know how much or how little progreõtç they made on those up to this point.  passed this time? >> bigger than normal. they're amendments to a justice department bill. they need 60 votes out of 100. not a simple majority. 60 to movex0b% forward. that's a big hurdle for them. none of them are expected to pass today. >> tracie potts on the hill today. thank you. a connecticut judge will hear arguments today on whether to dismiss a lawsuit against the
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used to kill the victims at sandy hook. the families of the nine victims and a teacher who survived are suing remmington arms, the parent company of bushmaster firearms. they say the companyn%ñ knew th tonight aé to answer your questions about body cameras. it's happening at 7:00. a meeting is meant to make it clearc k!n cameras will be turned on and under what circumstances footage will be made public. developing this morning, a 17 year old is dead after being shot in front of a church in chicago. police believe the gunman used a high capacity assault rifle based on the number of shell casings they found. stray bullets pierced home fronts and shattered windows in that busy neighborhood.
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related. eight people were killed and 36 others wounded in shootings across chicago since friday night. police in fairfax county are looking for the man who touched a girl inappropriately at a center. the 11 year old told her father what happened when they went home. the store surveillance cameras caught the man leaving the parking lot in a burgundy ford mustang. the search continues for the man that grabbed a girl while walking home from school. the 16 year old said the man approached her on friday. the teen says he put his hands on up skirt. the man may have been a construction worker because of the way he was dressed. a sleepy driver may be what caused a crash that killed six people in virginia. it was about 20 milesó80 south
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the van crashed just after midnight on saturday. a man is now charged with six counts of involuntary manslaughter. they were on the way to new jersey from north carolina. four men, a woman, and a child last day of school for students in prince george's andfcy)ñ montgomery co. students spent extra days in the classroom this month to make up for missed days because of bad weather this past winter. we remember that. prince george hadr9íuxñ make up four days while montgomery county only had to make up one day. distant memory. you know what i'm saying? >> that's rough. a monday. you get the weekend off and c1de back for one more day. >> on the bright side, they have the rest of the week off. by the way, welcome back. >> were you gone last week, too? >> i was. where were you? >> i was in austin, texas. nothing but burnt orange as far as i could see. it was awful. 105 degrees every day. 9]aez fe
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comparison. outside we go on a monday morning. nothing too big to complain humidity coming our way. noticeably more humid tomorrow with rain chances coming back. what to expect for today, back into the sunshine again today. back into the 90s. it made 90 degrees. our third 90 of the year. today will be number four. not much of a breeze to help cool things down either.7 rain chances down near 0% for today. a chance of showers coming our way tomorrow primarily in the afternoon. our best chance for rain comes up on thursday. high today 92 on nationaleízú@ ñ 91 in frederick,oyt maryland. sunshine under high pressure. biggest outdoor impact for today +÷ quality. if you are respiratory sensitive, may want to limit your outdoor activity. for tomorrow, 4:30 tomorrow morning on future weather could
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rumbles in the shenandoah valley. tomorrow afternoon with theä(óu daytime heating around and cool front trying to slide through the area best chance for timing out showers tomorrow most likely between 3:00 in the afternoon and 9:00 tomorrow evening. here's tomorrow's planner. highs up almost to about 89, 90 degrees for tomorrow before we start to cool things down just a smidgen for midweek. wednesday's high 86. average for this time of year. best chance for rain coming up on thursday. chance for a shower yesterday. i took!( for now. looks like most of that rain will be over before the sun comes up. the weekend ahead looks like it will bewriu filled with sunshi. >> that is excellent news. so far we bring to you good news on the traffic front, chuck. no major delays to speak of including along the anticostia. no service beten
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no blue line service for the rest of the week across or under the potomac river. that will hamper rail travel. road travel is clean and green. that's the latest. back to you. >> dave, thank you. a worldwide refugee crisis. and a new honor for a late prince george's county official. how a former county executive could be remembered for decades to come. ten minutes away from metro opening to riders this monday morning. the new challenges as riders face another round of safetrack work.
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it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human.
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later today, prince george's county officials will consider how to honor the memory of wayne curry. the former county executive died of lung cancer in 2014. at a public hearing tonight, leaders will ask for input on naming a county building after curry. a recent murder is shaking the confidence of one southeast washington community. d.c. police say a man shot and killed stephanie goodlow saturday outside of a home on kentucky avenue. goodlow worked in the youth ministry division at a baptist church. >> we're or
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we have to realize that we have to keep going on one day and one step at a time. >> d.c. police arrested and charged a man in the murder. we're working to find a motive in this weekend's shooting. >> that murder is one of many violent incidents in the city over the weekend. someone shot two men on f street early yesterday morning. 20 minutes earlier a man was stabbed on columbia road northwest. d.c. police are also investigating stabbings on benning road northeast and valley avenue southeast. all victims are expected to survive. we know what caused an apartment fire in laurel that left 22 people without homes. fire officials say it started by a cigarette left on balcony saturday night. the fire quickly spread to the roof. it took firefighters 40 minutes to put it out. one firefighter fell off a ladder. he's expected to be okay. the red cross is helping the 22 displaced residents. the number of
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brand new work. persecution and conflict in places like syria and afghanistan have raised the refugee number to 65.3 million. 2014 saw the highest number since world war ii with 60 million displaced people. leaders from europe and elsewhere are urged to do more to end wars that are forcing people from their homelands. an actor from the "star trek" movies is dead after he was hit by his own car. he went out of his car. the car rolled backward down a driveway pinning him against a brick mailbox. he was 27 years old. $25,000 is headed to help veterans thanks to hundreds of golf fans in montgomery county. here's a look at the people taking part in the shots for heroes event. this is in potomac yesterday. for ea
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one, quicken loans donate10 to veterans group. making the hole in one is worth $10,000 for the charity and the golfer. an area student is one of four high schoolers representing the u.s. in a world chemistry competition in july. world chemistry competition that a high schooler is representing. joyce tian, a senior at thomas jefferson high school in fairfax is on the way to 48th international chemistry olympiad. the competition begins on july 23rd. i can't imagine what they do in the world chemistry olympiaolym. i know she's super smart and we wish her the best. >> lots going on there. right now at 5:00 a.m., metro just opened
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many experience a new round of safetrack work. >> a number of reporters and traffic experts to make sure you get to work on time. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. back to 90 degrees for us. >> chuck bell here with our weather headlines. >> inching our way into the summer heat and humidity over the last couple of weeks. today will be noticeably warm back up into the 90s with plenty of sunshine for today. still tracking a chance for thunderstorms coming our way tomorrow. looks like best chance for the rain comes up on thursday. as far as temperatures out the door, 71 at the national mall. 64 in leesburg. 59 in frederick, maryland. 57 in manassas and culpeper. not too much in the way of humidity. poor air quality. code orange for today. limit strenuous outdoor activity. afternoon highs into the low 90s. upper 70s by 7:00 this evening and then milder and more humid start coming our way for


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